I graduated from Westinghouse High school in 2014. I ranked 7 out of 90. Growing up I was Athletic I played every sport, my favorite was basketball I played volleyball soccer softball and I ran cross-country. I've always enjoyed working out, sweating. I'm very competitive, I love aggressiveness it makes me go harder to get the job done. I love to help people, and see people happy.

Health is extremely important, it determines your lifestyle and most importantly how long you will live. Growing up watching my mother handle a business and staying focused, always motivated me to want to step into the entrepreneurial world. However, for so many years I was afraid of the building process, and how big of a responsibility it was. I'm 20 years old now, and our family business is still standing. Dreamz Fitness is our newest venture and when I turned 19, I realized that the foundation is set so I should go for it!

I want people to know that becoming healthier and understanding that staying fit is a lifestyle that I'm here to help them maintain!

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