The  Stylists


       Tenel Dorsey, born and raised in the city of Pittsburgh's hill district where she began her talented journey. She started doing hair at age 9 and was able to sing since the day she was born. She attended McKelvey and Vann elementary schools. Her natural talents lead her to attend Rogers middle school for the creative and performing arts where her talents and creative abilities took flight. In her words, attending Rogers and Capa gave her the freedom to explore her creativity without a cap! Along with having her faith anchored at an early age, she was a member of Bethel AME Church, (Hill District) Second Baptist (Homestead) and today, an active partner at Greater Destiny World Outreach Church (Hazelwood).





Being blessed with money making strategies, Tenel gained the courage to blaze a trail to start her own business at age 22. Go Divas Hair Salon and Ms Diva's supplies on the north side in 2001 and after 2 years, she relocated her empire back to Homestead. She lived in Homestead in 1993 and attended Steel Valley High School. Historical Homestead has always welcomed Tenel, her crafts and ideas with open arms and til this day, Dreamz Hair Salon and Barber Shop is still thriving and because of this community, its one of the top Salon/Barbers shops in our region. Tenel is the sole proprietress of Dreamz however, she's built a whole team that was developed to master the art of delivering the newest innovative styles and techniques, build self esteem from behind their chairs, and empower women/individuals in our communities. 


Tenel's mission has always been to serve and she does just that! She's been awarded a community service award from Park Place AME in 2014, she was featured on the front cover of the Soul Pitt Magazine for women in business for more then a decade, was awarded a community love award from the 2014 Bella Awards. She won the stylist/salon of the year award at the Flashing Lights hair show in 2009 and was presented an award from Mayor Bill Peduto on behalf of stop the violence Pittsburgh movement for outstanding work in our communities, just to name a few. Although Tenel's most prominent talents are her leadership and entrepreneurial skills, her heart, authenticity and ability to give, outweighs any titles, awards or acknowledgements.







My name is Reese and I am the elder at Dreamz. I've been a barber in Pittsburgh for over 20 years. I've been here at Dreamz for its entire existence although I started cutting hair in 1979. Being a barber is my passion and every cut comes from my heart. So when you come see me for my services with an attitude, you will leave with a personality.






One day about three years ago, I was in my third year out of five years working for the healthcare field.. I finally realized my passion was becoming a barber. I've been cutting my own hair for years but nothing serious just an even cut. Eventually, I learned how to fade I love what I do and I love the bond I have with my clients. I also love the bond that I have with my teammates too!!


When you walk in, I may stand out a little, but I've never before felt so connected with coworkers. We are more like family and we all have the same mindset to make our clients feel and look good. Everything about being a barber is rewarding to me and I aim to please so stop in and get that Stevie B's #DreamzFade.







Hi, my name is Janiece. I've been a licensed hairstylist since 2015 but I've been doing hair since high school. Doing hair was just a hobby to me in the past. I never thought I would take it seriously. I always thought it would be a dream and nothing more because I didn't believe in myself. Thank goodness for my personal hairstylist, she was always in my ear telling me I should be a stylist because I was always in people's head including my own. A few years later I was on the road to my career which I LOVE. I specialize in hair extensions, natural hair, & hair color. I also care about YOUR hair and will do what it takes to bring it back to life.








Hello beautiful people, my name is Shanese Burt. I'm a 26 year old stylist and I love what I do. I found that doing hair was my passion when I was 13 and I've been doing hair all the way up to this day. The first time I realized, doing hair made people feel good, I fell in love with it. I'm a creative natural stylist and I specialize in protective styles, braids, crochets, sewins, quick weaves, blowouts and much more








The innovative Malcolm Willams is a trendy hair stylist that specializes in cut and color. His styles are known for unique flair and class. He is also known for his custom fashion design, wither it be runway couture or a tailor made evening gown.

Malcolm has over 10 years’ experience, of perfecting his artistic ability and craft. He has won over 4 different hair shows and was ranked one of the top students of empire beauty school class of 2007.

Working at Dreamz hair salon has made him a strong team player, and a fabulous hair dresser. He has done a lot of celebrity hair from basketball wife's and football wife's to runway models. Working on becoming a platform artist in the next 5 years because that’s where he wants to be.






Asia has been a part of dreamz for 1 year now, and has been in the hair business for 9 years. She has won student of the school cycle, 90/90 Club, and highest sales at her beauty school. Her Specialties are hair extensions, cut, braids , and styling. She believes that everything that happens in a salon affects the cash register so every client should leave with a positive experience and the hairstyle of your dreams.


She plans on continuing her career with Beauty School and receive her teacher's license and is also open to learning even more and new Styles and techniques


 Stylist / Personal Trainer (Dreamz Fitness)





I graduated from Westinghouse High school in 2014. I ranked 7 out of 90. Growing up I was Athletic I played every sport, my favorite was basketball I played volleyball soccer softball and I ran cross-country. I've always enjoyed working out, sweating. I'm very competitive, I love aggressiveness it makes me go harder to get the job done. I love to help people, and see people happy.


Health is extremely important, it determines your lifestyle and most importantly how long you will live. Growing up watching my mother handle a business and staying focused, always motivated me to want to step into the entrepreneurial world. However, for so many years I was afraid of the building process, and how big of a responsibility it was. I'm 20 years old now, and our family business is still standing. Dreamz Fitness is our newest venture and when I turned 19, I realized that the foundation is set so I should go for it!

I want people to know that becoming healthier and understanding that staying fit is a lifestyle that I'm here to help them maintain!